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Expanded metal is formed from a single sheet of metal. The expansion process does not involve any interweaving, interslotting, blazing or welding.

Hence, the expanded metal comes supplied as a single jointless continuous sheet, retaining all the inherent strength of metal plus the many derived advantages from the process.

Macro-Mesh industrial expanded metal meshes are manufactured for various high performance industrial applications. It is highly flexible and can be fabricated in various shapes and sizes, and yet retains its strong and durable characteristics.



  • Cutting to shape is the only fabrication. Even when cut into irregular shapes and left unframed the mesh does not fray.
  • Very efficient conductor.
  • The uncut knuckles support weight and withstand stress better than joints of welds.
  • Higher strength-to-weight ratio than the original sheet material.
  • Allows free passage to light, heat, sound and air.
  • Screening effect.
  • Makes an excellent reinforcement material.
  • Provides anti-slip surface.
  • The consistent diamond-pattern looks attractive.



  • Walkway, stairtreads and platforms
  • Window guards / grilles
  • Wall reinforcement
  • Perimeter fencing / gates
  • Top-of-wall spikes
  • Pedestrian safety barriers
  • Motorway anti-glare screens
  • Security room partitions / panels
  • Screens
  • Security cages
  • Storage shelves / trays
  • Machinery safety guards
  • Security vehicle window guards
  • Balustrades
  • And many various uses!


Expanded Metal Standard Sizes

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Selection Table for Walkways

Load Nominal Span of Mesh - Simply Supported
600mm 750mm 900mm
Distributed - 2.5 kN / m2 MM 50080, MM 50075 MM 50080, MM 50075 MM 50110, MM 50105
Distributed - 5.0 kN / m2 MM 50080, MM 50075 MM 50110, MM 50105  
Concentrated - 1.1 kN @ 1.2m CTRS MM 50080, MM 50075 MM 50080, MM 50075 MM 50110, MM 50105



  1. The recommended spans given above are based upon the deflection not exceeding span / 200 when subjected to the loads shown.
  2. Spans given in table are nominal. Clear span can be calculated by deducting 25 mm at both ends.
  3. Load capacities given in the table are heaviest loads that will cause no permanent deformation with built-in safety factor of 40% if slight deformation (sag) is allowed.
  4. Also available in Aluminium and Stainless Steel.

Trade Tolerance +/-10%
Above specifications apply to steel expanded metal.


The selection guide assumes mesh spanning in the direction of long way mesh (LWM) having a minimum of every fourth strand welded on support and minimum 25 mm end bearing.




  • Reference number of mesh.
  • Raw material eg. conventional steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.
  • Quantity of sheets or length of coil.
  • Sheet size or coil width (LW dimension first).
  • Any special finish required eg. Hotdipped galvanise, bitumen, etc.